About Me

Passionate. Experienced. Professional.

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Alison AJ Hayman, PT, DPT, OCS

In my decade as a physical therapist, I've worked in a variety of orthopedic settings, from a community hospital, to small private practices and large chains in New York and Chicago. The diverse experiences that brought me here help inform my practice.

As a young clinician, I completed a year-long physical therapy orthopedic residency program, which means I approach each session with clinical reasoning and manual therapy skills. I'm passionate about continuing education; in addition to seeking the most current techniques and therapies, I seek out additional skills and certifications. 

After the birth of my first son, I started taking a series of classes to help me specialize in pelvic floor physical therapy. I offer a comprehensive set of diagnostic and treatment options to all of my patients.

As someone who has rehabilitated myself through various physical challenges, I understand firsthand that movement is medicine and physical therapy can be a powerful force in returning a person to his or her optimal function. I especially enjoy working with recreational athletes and  mothers (which is also a form of athleticism).

Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, strength training, chasing my kids around as cardio, meditation, traveling, and spending time with family.