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Active Moms’ Club helps busy and overstressed moms take back control so that they are empowered to live healthier, parent with pride, and lead their family by example. AMC offers prenatal fitness, small group training, nutrition coaching, and Chicago’s most unique mom and baby fitness class— From the Core: Postnatal Recovery. Coach Cassandra is a prenatal and postnatal specialist with over 16 years experience.

Postpartum Care & Lactation Consulting

Maternal Child Connections (Lisa Zimmerman RN, CPN, IBCLC)

Created in 2015, MCC offers lactation consultations, education, and postpartum doula services. Lisa holds expertise in infant growth and development, attachment, and newborn care. Possessing a Bachelor's Degree In Anthropology (with a minor in Race Relations), Lisa proudly serves and learns from all Chicago families! 

Sleep Consulting

Koalaty Sleep Consulting (Erin Van Engen) 

As a pediatric Physical Therapist Assistant, I work mainly with 0-3 years old and some older children as well. In these early years babies are learning and developing so much and so quickly, and sleep is crucial to that. In the older years, sleep is just as important for healthy activity levels, happy attitudes, and appropriate social interaction. Sleepless nights are not just a given, or a right of passage into parenthood and you do not have to just wait and hope your child grows out of it. Right from the start there are ways to teach your baby healthy sleeping habits which they will take with them as they grow to be better sleeping toddlers and older children! Whatever age your child is, let’s get started teaching them independent sleep habits so your whole family can enjoy a well-rested, happy and healthy life!

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