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The prices indicated here are for self-pay services. This means that your insurance will not be billed for services rendered. You may request a superbill to submit to your insurance for possible application toward out-of-network benefits.

Physical Therapy Evaluation
60 minutes

During your first visit, I take a thorough history. Then, I use a series of tests and measurements to make a comprehensive assessment of your body's movements. This may involve checking functional movements, measuring motion and strength, checking muscle length, and assessing nerve function through active and hands-on techniques. Together, we'll devise a plan to work toward your goals.

Physical Therapy Follow Up Visit
60 minutes

During subsequent visits, I use a combination of hands-on and exercise-based treatments to help you toward your goals. This may involve hands-on treatment, therapeutic movement, and review of exercise. I'll also help you integrate movements and exercises into your life or existing exercise routine.

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