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Holiday Hustle and Bustle Tips

Holiday stress is real. Consider these strategies to help combat fatigue as you work through your naughty and nice lists:

  • If you are shopping in store (!), make sure to switch your bags from one side to the other so you get equal time carrying on each side.

  • Be sure to pause mid-online shopping binge—taking a break every 30-45 minutes can make a big difference. Lie on your back, walk around, or just sit back and practice some deep breathing for 1-2 minutes.

  • When picking up packages (or large gifts!), be nice to your body. I try to remember to drop my butt a little bit lower before lifting my (seemingly endless) stream of Amazon boxes.

If you’re having any specific aches or pains this holiday season, book a consultation now while slots are available. Let’s get you on track to kick off 2020 feeling your best.

Happy Holidays (and happy shopping!) from PTxAJ

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